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Your first choice for the very finest in equestrian theatrics - professional actors, stunt riders, and steeds--available for booking today.

Film, live theatre, stuntwork, renaissance faires, weddings, modeling, events, education, and more!



Knights of the Tempest logo artwork by Jo O'Brien
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Who are we?

The Knights of the Tempest.

Warriors and entertainers.

In no particular order.

What are we here to do?

Smash the patriarchy.

Entertain you.

Preferably at the same time.

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To Entertain and Empower

The Knights of the Tempest Mission: 

To help every person escape their humdrum, muted carousel ride around the sun and immerse them in a fantastical theatrical world full of laughter, adrenaline, thrill, chills, and patriarchy-smashing.

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Colorado, USA

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