Renegades & rabble-rousers! Are you ready for 2020?! were we! But I don't think any of us were ready for the pandemic.

So unfortunately the shows were cancelled and clinics are postponed.

So what are we up to?

Training - physical and mental

Training - equids and hounds and felines



Dreamin', schemin', discussin', plannin', and constructin'.

Yessir, you can bet your sweet boots once the Knights of the Tempest are unleashed upon the word again 'tis going to be a veritable maelstrom. 

And you will definitely want to get your tickets early for that.

2020 Events:

  • The Knights of the Tempest Fundraiser Gala/Kryssi's Birthday Celebration was cancelled! However, donations to support patriarchy-smashing live theatre are still greatly appreciated. Please swing by our Support Us page.

  • Medieval mounted games clinic Sunday in Loveland area, hopefully, this fall 2020, CO, USA

  • Team Tempest competes at the tournament in CO, USA 2nd weekend of September 2020

  • Medieval mounted games clinic at the Eagle County Fairgrounds in Eagle, CO, USA last Sunday of September (hopefully?) 2020

2021 Events:

  • The Knights of the Tempest will be performing their Tournament Showtime Spectacular at the New Mexico Renaissance Celtic Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico the last weekend of March 2021! 2 performances Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Knights of the Tempest will be performing their Tournament Showtime Spectacular at the Colorado Medieval Festival Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the last weekend of May 2021 in Loveland, Colorado, USA! 1 performance Friday evening, and 3 performances Saturday and Sunday.

Want more? Here's a few ways to keep that medieval torch burning in your heart:

  • Visit our shop for DVDs of our live performances!

  • Book us to liven up your birthday party, wedding, or school event!

  • Book us for educational (and entertaining) events regarding jousting and the animals that make it the best sport in the world!

  • Bring us out to you! We would love to put on a medieval mounted games clinic for you and your hoss-riding friends to have a blast and learn new, exciting skills on horseback

A big thank you to all of our 4th Annual Medieval Mounted Games Clinic Series for coming out, trying new things, and testing their courage with us!

Congratulations to our 2019 Series Clinic & Tourney participants & competitors!



BEHOLD! This reel has snips from our work in film, music videos, live performances, clinics, and competitive team training sessions. Contact us to hire us for your purposes.

Edited by Bryan Connolly

Music: by the Rogues

Want the shows to get even fancier?

Well the Knights are always happy to make the shows more daring, make our costumes more elaborate, our weapons more exciting, and our horses chock-full of more incredible feats! Our GoFundMe campaign is live! To support this sassy start-up starring sexy, skills performers, please donate at our Support Us page above. ^^