Huzzah and hello, warriors! So excited to have you ride with the Knights of the Tempest this summer!


This clinic will be held Saturday, September 28 at the Eagle County Farigrounds outdoor arena in Eagle, Colorado. Clinic is $150/rider. Riders must provide their own horse (please email a negative coggins test to prior to clinic). 


Clinic Schedule:


2 hours of skill instruction, beginning at 1:00 PM. Instruction will be tailored to challenge riders of all skill levels in a fun, safe manner. This time will be used for instruction, practice, and competition in each of the medieval games. Details regarding each of the skills can be found below!


Following skill instruction there will be a break and then the skills will be demonstrated via a timed and scored obstacle course cempetiton!


Cash jackpot tourney at end of day. $5/entry. Jackpot to be awarded at end of tourney.


Clinic registration filled on a first come, first served basis. Once your registration form and full payment is received your place is reserved. Space is limited.


The quickest and easiest way to register for the clinic is online at

You may also e-mail your registration form to, or send via Facebook message through the Knights of the Tempest Facebook.


Cancellations within 48 hours of the clinic will not be refunded their registration fees.


All types of horses and riding disciplines welcome! Larger, sturdier saddles (Australian, western, dressage) recommended by not necessary.


Trailer-ins welcome. Each horse must have a current, negative coggins test sent to prior to the clinic. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Clinic open to riders of all ages. All riders, and especially riders under 18 years old, are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet.


What you can expect: I will be instructing riders and their mounts in the fun, exciting sport of medieval mounted games. This includes collecting the rings on a lance, sword work, spear throwing, and lance control. These skills are important for succeeding in the world of competitive light armor jousting. If riders are interested in progressing toward jousting, this is the place to get started. However, I understand that jousting is not for most people. This clinic provides an excellent, safe environment to bond with your mount in fun, unique games to test yourselves and play, and offer a break from the routine. Safety is the priority of this sport, and riders may work at the pace they are comfortable with.



Any questions? Please contact us at I look forward to seeing you in the lyst!

SEPT. 28 Eagle County Medieval Mounted Games Clinic and Tourney


    Colorado, USA

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