Support the Knights of the Tempest

Kryssi & Lachlan hack off a bunny head mid-air

Thank you for supporting the Knights of the Tempest performance troupe! 

We are a medieval equestrian performance group founded in 2016. We are based in Colorado, USA.

Why do we need your help?

We are a small business starting from the very ground up. In order to supply our audiences with the best possible performance, there are multiple elements intertwined to create the perfect show.

What are these elements, you might ask?

The horses.

The weapons.

The armor.

The travel.

The training.

We work endlessly to create the best show you will ever see. 

Your support will allow us to train more, rehearse longer, travel further, perform bigger, look sharper, ride harder, and ultimately, give you an even better show. You're improving your own escape from reality. You're really investing in yourself. ;)

To support, donate, or sponsor this sassy start-up starring sexy, skilled performers, please drop some electronic dubloons into our PayPal account by clicking below, or contact us at to discuss non-monetary support!

Provide a service? Consider donating your skills as a sponsor! Some extremely useful things to the troupe:


Horse feed

Veterinary services




Think your company logo would look hot on the helmet of a JOUSTER or the sword of a WARRIOR? Yeah, we do, too.